05 August 2008

lil cabin in the woods...part two.

i never got a chance to blog about our little trip a few weeks ago (well...technically longer than that...it's been a while). we were invited to spend a blissful weekend at john's uncle's cabin with the whole family. this is the same cabin we visited back in january. previous post can be found here. john and i headed up friday night. we had to take two cars...mainly because we were bringing along with us: john's parents and his niece and nephew, as well as a couple dirt bikes. the other reason was because i had to head back early in order to sing at church on sunday morning. in the end, i only got to spend friday evening and most of the day saturday up there, which wasn't nearly long enough...but i'm thankful for the time i had. it was wonderful. we got to leave the achingly hot central valley for the coolness of the mountains. inhaling pine scented breaths, i couldn't fill my lungs enough. i loved just sitting, surrounded by the vast majesty of the trees. century centennials, stoically standing vigil. on a daily basis, i miss that. i love the organic, rawness of the forest. it's almost as if the alaskan in me needs it. the messy, chaotic wilderness is therapeutic to my soul. blissful...

here's a slideshow of some of my favorite images from my brief stay...hopefully we'll be able to return before the summer is over.

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