29 August 2008

just a quick story...

picture taken 6 august 2008
(i'm still really behind in my photo editing)
showing mama the bug he found...

last night, i took elijah over to his grandmother's house for a bit of a change of scenery.
he played in the backyard for a while as i rested in the shade.
john came over once he was done with work for the day and i headed home to go get ready to go to dinner.
(we went out with our neighbors for a little celebration of sorts.)
elijah saw me leaving and quickly followed, shouting "mommy! mommy!".
i was already in the driveway when he finally succeeded in opening the front door.
i told him that i would be back in a few minutes and that he needed to stay with daddy.
with a slight little frown on his sweet face, he said "ok" and started to shut the door.
but before the door shut completely, his little head peeked around once more and he shouted,
"ove oou!" (love you).
totally unprompted.
my baby boy.
telling me that he loves me.
a date to be recorded in the memory books for sure.
i had a little extra bounce in my step that night, even when we had to wait an hour for a table with two hungry toddlers and a four month old.
what a gift he gave me, without his knowledge, something that i will treasure forever.
makes me think about God...
is that a tiny sliver of what He feels when we tell Him we love Him?
without prompting,
without pretense,
without hidden agendas?
i wonder...

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