02 January 2009

holidy update.

ah christmas.

i've had a few days to look back and reflect. what a busy, relaxing, family-filled time. i love christmas.

it was a busy time because well...it's christmas. it's always busy. but mainly because we drove down to the los angeles area the weekend before christmas for my brother's graduation. 14 hours (round trip) in a car will certainly take a bite out of your holiday festivities. but regardless of the crazy traffic and the long drive in the car, it was great to see luke graduate and to hang out with him on campus for a bit. we also got to meet/hang out with heather's family (his financee) which was good times as well.

once we got back home though, things shifted into high gear. presents to finish and wrap, cookies to bake (thanks luke and heather for tackling that!), my birthday party to prepare for...we were busy. i tried to sit back and just soak up as much family time as possible since i don't get to see those precious people nearly enough. it wasn't easy to put aside the pressing holiday matters so some things slipped a bit but it was such a special treat to have the majority of my family there for the holidays that i didn't really care. (peter and erin couldn't make it...bummer. but maybe that's better because i really don't know where they would have slept!) it was the first time we've been together for christmas in a long time.

christmas day was of course filled with too many presents and too much good food. elijah was completely spoiled...as predicted. it seemed like he got so many more new toys simply because his birthday is so close to christmas...our toy room is overflowing. on my to-do list for this week: sort and organize! a little boy does not need so many playthings...no matter how cool they may be (especially considering all he really plays with are the toys with wheels, the planes, trains and automoblies. oh...and the tools with which to "fix" said toys...if you call banging on them with a hammer "fixing"). for christmas dinner, my mother was a dear and made a huge pot of clam chower for us...the yummy alaskan style. it's my favorite...john's favorite too. way better than turkey with all the trimmings. come to think of it...my mom did most of the cooking that week...maybe that's why it was so relaxing!

pictures to come soon.

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