22 January 2009

randomness for a thursday.

maybe you'll think i'm weird but i tried an experiment with my dishwasher the other day.
you know how you see in dishwasher (or detergent) advertisements the dishwasher full of really dirty dishes? the ones with baked on food and crusty leftovers? i thought, "there is no way a dishwasher can actually get that stuff off". well, after seeing one too many of those advertisements, i decided to try it myself. i filled my dishwasher to the max with seriously dirty dishes. let's see, there was a couple plates with dried tapitio (the hot sauce my hubby puts on everything), a plate with dried bean burrito, a mixing bowl with crusty frosting in it...you get the picture. gross-ness. i turned it on and waiting patiently. and lo and behold, when i opened it up, the dishes were clean. all of them. except for a wooden spoon that had been encrusted with chocolate cake batter. but even that was mostly clean...just a few remnants of chocolate in the grooves (it's an old spoon). so. all that to say...we don't rinse our dishes in this household any more. :o)

how's that for a random thursday post?
now i'm off to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. happy day to us!

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