23 January 2009

on a rainy, january day...

elijah and i just came in from a very successful puddle stomping session. our feet got soaked (despite the protection of boots), our fingers turned numb very quickly (from fishing snails out of the puddles) and i wondered why i spent time on my hair this morning. but we're warm and cozy now with bellies full of soup and bread. a fun activity for a dreary day.

have you heard of project 365? it's kind of the "in" thing in the scrapbooking world right now. the basic version of it requires you to take a picture a day for 365 days. i did a mini version of this last year. and i seriously considered going full fledged with it this year. there's lots of great reasons to do it. the most obvious is just simply the fact that you will have a recorded moment for every day of the year. that's pretty cool. but it can also help you improve your photography skills, stretch you creatively and teach you to look at everyday moments in a different way. these are all great things. however, i knew that, while it would be cool to have a picture a day at the end of it all, i most likely wouldn't be able to keep it up with a newborn. so...i settled on an alternative. and i'm pretty excited about it. i posted a calendar right next to my computer where i am bound to see it at least once a day. in each little square, i write a tiny tidbit from our day. most of the time, these tidbits are pretty begnin. sometimes, when i'm feeling less than creative, they can be quite boring. but other times, these tiny morsels of anaya life serve as a memory springboard and they help me remember the pieces of a much larger, more precious story. examples are as follows:

1 january 2009: went out for chinese food to celebrate the new year.
8 january 2009: elijah fell asleep in my arms. will this be the last time he does that?
17 january 2009: bike ride over the "big bridge".
19 january 2009: family walk to the park this morning.
and today's: blissful rainy day. perfect for puddle stomping.

sometimes i will have pictures to go along with my tidbit (like today). but most of the time, i won't. and that's okay. these will be organized by week into an album where i can add photos and layouts as they get printed/completed. hopefully, at the end of 2009, i will have a fat scrapbook/journal of our year. i'm excited about this. for me, this is easier than a photo a day (i know that sounds weird coming from me). i'm not worried about being creative; i'm simply documenting our day in a few words. if i forget a day, that's okay because most likely, i can remember back even if it's been a couple days (i've already had to do this once). it's not like a photo; you can't go back in time and redo that day just so you can take a picture. this is going to be cool...i can feel it.

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