20 April 2009

THE boots.

elijah has two buddies. well, he has more than that but these buddies are his BESTEST buddies. in the mornings, i'll usually give him a run-down of the plans for the day and most days he asks in a more-than-excited voice if going to conner and dylan's house is on the agenda. except he says their names as one word so it comes out: "go connerdylan house, mom?". super cute. anyways...both conner and dylan have a pair of these boots. conner's are yellow and dylan's are blue. they brought and wore these boots almost exclusively when we were in pismo a few weeks ago. so...when elijah saw an entire wall devoted to them at old navy, he, of course, had to have a pair too. never mind that it's april and that the central valley summer months are almost upon us. nevermind that mom. elijah insisted. and since they were on sale...i gave in. i got them two sizes too big so hopefully they'll still fit next winter when we actually have rain.

oh my little man, how i love your crazies!


Jillian Marie said...
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Jillian Marie said...

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katie your blog is adorable, you will have to publish it to paper one day... all of your short stories and memories are very precious!