08 April 2009

a few favs from our time at the beach...

sand dollars everywhere.

sandy toes.

elijah rode the little four wheeler all by himself...and had a grand ol' time.

sand dollar season.

we went to pismo for a few days last week. we wanted a mini-vacation before the baby comes and while pismo wasn't really my first choice (little cabin in the woods maybe?), i knew the boys would have fun. and despite my reluctance to sleep in a trailer at eight months pregnant, it was well worth the trip. we pretty much had the beach to ourselves...amazing! the boys got to ride dirt bikes/four wheelers and get dirty while i got a ton of knitting done, got to hang out with some wonderful friends and really didn't worry too much about anything. i really appreciated that john got to relax too. it's not very often that he gets away like that...
apparently, it was sand dollar season while we were there. our first morning on the beach, we walked down to the shore break and found a few while we were puttering around out there. a few days later, i took a stroll (ALL BY MYSELF! unheard of opportunity!) down the beach and found hundreds. the beach was simply littered with them. thankfully, i took a bucket with me and brought about five pounds back up to the trailer. i told john when he questioned the necessity of the amount in my bucket, "i just couldn't stop picking them up!". i brought the best ones home with me and have since cleaned them up a bit. i think i'm going to paint a canvas and attach them to it somehow. i'll post pictures if/when i get it done...
all in all, it was an enjoyable trip...one that i'm sure we'll do again.

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