02 April 2009

just some things on my mind...

1. i'm so annoyed with maternity pants right now. why don't people make maternity pants that fit petite people? seriously. i am so over constantly pulling my pants up. grrr.

2. there is something in our backyard (or our neighbor's backyard) that i'm ridiculously allergic to. every time i go out there, i'm overcome by sneezing and snot. so gross.

3. i finally have enough baby clothes for this baby to do a load of laundry! lots of creams and browns with oranges, reds and greens. trying to stay away from the typical yellow/green combo or too many duckies. it's been hard but i've found some cute gender neutral outfits...enough to last the first month anyways.

4. speaking of baby...i'm completely overwhelmed with the amount of options i have for cloth diapering! oy. i think i'm down to four brands...but how do i know which one i'll like if i can't try them out? these are the ones i'm thinking of: gdiapers (i did these on e for a couple months so they're familiar territory), bumgenius, mother-ease or happy heiny's. each has their good points and each has their bad points. i guess i could just buy one or two of each and see how it goes. but i'd rather not do that...it kinda seems like a waste of money. still thinking on it. not much time left though!

5. more about poop...elijah seems to be suddenly interested in potty training. after seeing our friends' boys, conner and dylan, using the toilet all last weekend while we were in pismo, he seems to think that it's the cool thing to do. lots of encouragement on that front. lots of accidents too. hopefully he won't get bored with it...

6. kinda saddened by this picture when it popped up to be edited in lightroom the other day. this is not the face of a my little boy...oh he's growing up so fast!

a post about our trip to pismo is coming soon...just as soon as i get the pictures edited. also...planning a post all about baby and my bump. hopefully coming this weekend...

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