04 August 2014

Churchill War Rooms

one of my favourite outings thus far took place on a rainy friday. john was able to join us (which helped make it such a fun day) as we traipsed across town to take in a fascinating course in world history in the form of the Churchill War Rooms. I've always been intrigued by the World War II era and wanted to learn more about Winston Churchill so this was a natural stop for us. honestly, it was amazing. so well presented and interesting. I was overwhelmed by the amount of information crammed into the exhibits. it was captivating to walk down the hallways left just as they were during the war years. the kids adored the handsets that allowed them to listen in to kid-centric information on what they were seeing. I would love to go back and poke about; there was more to see that my kids' attention spans didn't allow for...

a few snaps from the War Rooms:

the door from 10 Downing Street when Churchill was Prime Minister.

in the top left-hand corner of the picture, you can see a pencil drawing of Hitler.

map pins...

he looks real but he's not!

just outside...
after the War Rooms, we were starving so we found a pub nearby for lunch. we loved walking the streets of London, waving at the Horse Guards, counting red telephone boxes and watching for peeks of Big Ben.

gnawing on a rib bone - I have a snap of all four of my kids doing this exact thing at about the same age.

since we were so close, we wandered over to Trafalgar's Square. the kids wanted to climb on the lion statues that guard the column at the centre. the lions were swarming with tourists so we joined the throng and waited our turn.

Lucy is there on the lion's back...

climbing up...

he was LOVING being in the centre of London.

a phone snap of all six of us!
after Trafalgar's Square, we headed home via the Underground, our favourite form of London transport. all in all, a grand day out!

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