05 August 2014

technology crisis.

I posted this on my instagram account yesterday:

so. there's a reason i haven't posted in a while.
my phone has completely crapped out.
i can't use the whole right side of the touch screen.
which isn't a problem if i can reorient the screen horizontally.
but...for those apps that don't reorient (ahem instagram), i literally can't post anything.
because i'm in another country, i can't get a new phone until i get back.
for now, if you want to see our adventures, please visit my blog.
i will do my best to get it caught up this week.
thanks for the love!

what does that mean for this space?
hopefully, that i will be posting much, much more!
it also means there will be more phone snaps on here as well (though those will decrease in number as i get caught up on my pile of editing because i actually can't use the camera on my phone anymore either).
i'm bummed that my phone is being lame but i'm also a bit excited about this forced sabbatical from handheld technology. 
i'm hoping to write more. 
edit more.
post more.

we shall see.

some sneak peeks of posts coming, all taken with an iphone:

a walk-about with my old friend, Ben...

an afternoon in Parliament Square...

a supremely hot walk across Green Park...

a lovely knit shop find...

Paddington Bear in Paddington Station...

a lovely day in Greenwich...

Tower Bridge!

me! in a picture! with all my kids!

tube travels...

a tour of Buckingham Palace!
and much, much more. the amount of photos I have to got through and edit is truly overwhelming.

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