03 August 2014

painting watercolours with a camera.

poking about someone's garden, when they're not with you, is a bit like paging through their diary or peeking into their cupboards.
when we first arrived at the home we're renting and i took my first trip around their allotment, i must admit to feeling a bit awkward.
like i needed to be furtive, clandestine.
as we've lived here more than a month, that feeling has worn off, of course, and we feel quite at home.
i find myself wandering about, camera in hand, enjoying the landscape and garden beds.
it isn't a traditional english garden.
or even a very embellished one.
no frills, no fuss.
just lovely, growing things.
lots of raspberries and blackberry brambles.
an apple tree or two.
a few over-grown tomato plants.
other varieties of flora that my american, non-gardener self doesn't recognise.
my photographic eye has always been drawn to green, growing things.
to nature and creation.
the patterns and colours and shades and shapes capture me
and i find myself pressing my camera to my face, composing image after image after image.
i don't usually post these images...or even do much with them at all really.
i feel most might find them boring.
would prefer pictures with faces, people.
but i thought i would post a few here today.
just some of the snaps my mind and eye saw on one of my walk-abouts a few weeks ago.
it was a dreamy kind of day...
the kind where the sun and clouds play chase and tag and peek-a-boo.
the air was a bit hazy.
heavy with summer.
even the bees seemed to feel it as they bumbled along, slower than their usual scramble.
my eyes painted watercolours, and my camera clicked along.

 and because no post is complete without a few pictures of my kids:

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Jennifer Marie Land said...

I absolutely adore the botanical shots! Please more. And the poppy shot in blush is stunning. I want it hanging in my house