02 July 2007


happy monday.
can you believe it's july?
where did june go?
it just flew by...
here's some of the events that occurred in the sixth month of 2007 in the life of my little man:
  • can drink from a cup (with a little help from mom or dad)
  • went down the slide
  • played in the kiddie pool for the first time
  • had a popsicle (see picture above)
  • went to the doctor and had three more shots! :(
  • went to the beach
  • got his first tooth!
  • went from lying down to sitting up by himself
  • turned six months old and had a big party
just a few highlights from the month of june...
elijah's getting to be a such a boy...
not so much an infant any more...not at all.
love his little personality and all his fun quirks.
he is hilarious. seriously.
love my days spent just hanging out with him...
couldn't ask for more...
or better...


Peplynpak said...

and a party it was!! we had fun!! thanks again!!

Boston and Beyond said...

Your sweet boy is absolutely beautiful! Wow!