24 July 2007

tuesday...it is tuesday right?

so much to do this week...getting ready to head back to my "homeland" on monday. can't wait. but still...lots to do before i can get going. here's a sampling of my list...
  • laundry. lots of laundry. always.
  • clean the house.
  • finish reading harry potter so luke can read it while i'm there
  • make three layouts: one for mom's calendar, one for jackie's first day of high school present (which i will be missing), one for an online contest.
  • start packing
there's a ton more...but of course i can't think of them right now. so i'll leave you with this...more pictures of my active little boy...

1. the white sessions 7, 2. the white sessions 2, 3. my happy boy, 4. wish i knew what this flower was called, 5. hey! put that camera away and let's get rollin'!, 6. skateboarding is life (?), 7. but chewing on my blue elephant's trunk is funner..., 8. that's mom's camera strap. it tastes good., 9. the white sessions 6, 10. the white sessions, 11. the white sessions..., 12. watching baseball is fun!, 13. c'mon dad...let go!, 14. gotta get my ollie (no idea how to spell that) down, 15. fresh cut bouquets...only $2!!!, 16. look at my tooth!, 17. rock 'n' rattle, 18. the white sessions 4, 19. the white sessions 3, 20. hello?, 21. like my shoes?, 22. future tony hawk in training, 23. hanging with daddy..., 24. the cheese lady. seriously., 25. can i buy the buckets too?

1 comment:

ace said...

You're awesome at keeping a recent photo gallery of Elijah. He's stinkin' cute, you guys do alright! Question, will the photo galleries keep up with the children to come?? :)

Lookin' forward to seeing you in AK SOON!!