09 July 2007

a lament. the library. a lazy saturday.

luke left us today. sadness.
i really like that kid. he's a good egg.
and even though it was a bummer he had to spend the ENTIRE time he was here studying (minus the time heather (his girlfriend) was here)...it was just cool to have him here...experiencing life with us...hanging out with his nephew...just being. i like that. i like him. and i'm excited i get to see him again in three weeks. in alaska. woot.
good times.

unfortunately...i didn't get any pictures of him and heather together. bummer. i know.
oh well. next time right?


this is a picture of our library...bathed in the evening sunshine.
every time i walk in there...i think "we need more books".
anyone want to donate to this great cause?
i'm sure it's a tax right-off...for sure.

speaking of books...
harry potter in 11 days.
so excited.
but kind of sad that it will be all over.
i liked harry.

sweet pictures of my boy from this weekend.

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Peplynpak said...

cute hat!! you two look so happy!