09 October 2008


so...i've been a bad blogger. a really bad blogger.
but that's not the only thing i've been bad at lately.
a bad photographer? yup.
a bad housecleaner? yup.
a bad "let's get creative and do something fun together" type mom? yup.
a bad wife? yup.

my poor family. they've had to deal with crabby, nauseated, headache-y, pregnant me for the past few weeks. and i can tell they're tired of it. heck, I'M tired of it. so...even though i don't feel like it, tonight, i'm going to cook dinner. even though i'd rather be lying down on the couch, watching elijah play, today, i'm going to get down on the floor and build lego houses with him. and maybe a blanket fort. and maybe let him use the "special markers". even though i really just want to sit down, today, i will do the dishes, clean up the kitchen after dinner and help elijah pick up his toys. i won't give elijah just fruit snacks and goldfish for snack. i won't let john fend for himself for dinner. i will pick up where i left off those few weeks ago when first trimester pregnancy hit me like a crazed linebacker.
and even if i don't get half those things done...at least it's a start.

one thing i did do with elijah during this past month was take him to the pumpkin patch. it's not a true pumpkin patch...more like a road side fruit stand turned pumpkin crazy. i actually took my camera along and didn't leave it in the car! we had a great time, exploring the mazes, picking out pumpkins to take home (just three), climbing all over the tractor...etc. etc. so glad i made myself summon the energy to take him. thinking about making it a friday ritual until it's gone.


went and saw fireproof this past tuesday with some couples from our small group. really great film. if it's playing near you, i highly recommend checking it out. it was worth the $7 popcorn!

in keeping with my plan to be on top of things, i should go clean up the kitchen, make my grocery list and print out some recipes. while i can't guarantee that i'll be a fantastic blogger in the next few weeks (i'll be in alaska for two of those weeks), i can promise that i'll be trying. really hard.

oh...one more thing:

i'm selling these hats. please contact me if you'd like to purchase one. prices are as follows: $12 for newborn size. $15 for 0-6 months (size pictured). $20 for 12-24 months. $25 for 2t-5t. shipping is included in the cost. i'll have a christmas themed one soon too. it's a red and white or red and green striped stocking cap. super cute. i'm taking orders for those too.

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Tony's 2 Cents said...

Katie, welcome back to blog land. I check in regularly! Love your pics, and love your hats-you are creative, you are a good mom and wife!