10 October 2008

the choices we make.

my kitchen counter is littered with the leftovers of this mornings cookie baking session.

my kitchen table, normally clear glass, is frosted with milk from breakfast (courtesy of elijah-man's attempt at eating cereal with milk like a "bii boy!"), "elmo soup" (earth's best's yummy vegetable/noodle soup with elmo on the can) from lunch mixed with cookie crumbs from a little taste test we had before naptime. (cookies before naptime? i know...probably a bad idea.)

my living room floor has toys scattered hither and yon...in every corner, another lego or car or ball peaks its head out at me.

my bedroom has a mountain of clean clothes growing there, just waiting to be folded and put away.

there are dishes in the sink.
the toilets need a good scrubbing.
i won't even get started on the state of my closet.

all these things...but today i choose to sit here instead. because honestly, i'd rather be doing this than any of that. oh choices...

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