23 October 2008


just sent my very bundled up son out the door with his papa.
it's STILL snowing.
they're going sledding.
so fun.
i love it.
i love that my son finally gets to experience snow and all its wonder.
here it's like christmas in october.
it's snowed almost every day we've been here.
i'm glad i added some christmas music to my ipod mix. :-D

we saw two moose walk right by the house this morning.
most likely, they were the same moose we saw the other day...
but the were spitting distance from the window this time.
elijah was so excited.
we got him a little moose at the store to remember this momentous occasion...
he's hardly put the thing down since we bought it.

just read an article about a family who took a year off from normal life to travel around the world.
you can read the article for yourself here.
very cool.
ever since, i've been dreaming about doing it myself with my family.
obviously, something like that takes a lot of planning and saving...
but man.
what an experience.

i've had the travel bug for a while now...
i realize that i'm currently in a different state than my home
and that technically counts as travel...
but i've been itching for a different kind of travel.
to get out the country...
to experience life somewhere far from home...
somewhere foreign where maybe i don't speak the language.
like peru. or france. or india.
i've been thinking a lot about our trip to john's parents hometown in mexico back in 2006.
when i get home, i think i'll dig the pictures out and finally do something with them.
i'm thinking maybe a shutterfly photo book. a nice one.
or maybe i'll print the pictures up and do it myself.
we'll see.
all i know is, i need to do something with those thousands of pictures.
they contain memories too wonderful to just let them sit on my computer.

now for some fun.
the following mosaics are from today.
ahhh...they make me smile.

the first one is from this morning...
while e was sitting on the potty, he was also reading to me.
so sweet.

the second is from this afternoon.
he saw my camera and said, "mile?" (which obviously means, smile?)
i asked him if he wanted to take a picture with mama.
he said yes.
so i told him to smile...and this was the result.
four pictures...with no smiles.
ah well...
i suppose i should be thankful.
in a few years, i won't be able to get him to stop making silly smiles for the camera.

that's all for now.

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