17 October 2008

more moments...

hello moosies. they posed so nicely, don't you think?

the second target in all of alaska. note the "hello wasilla" sign in the top right corner.

pretending to sleep at target

modeling his new elmo slippers, baba's tea cozy and thomas the train

feeding ducky some cereal.

eating baba's cereal like the little birdie that he is.

frosty, frosty

certainly soaking up the crispy, cold weather here in alaska. just checked the weather for hometown ripon and couldn't comprehend eighty degrees. seriously? no way is it eighty degrees somewhere in the world when it's a blissful 25 degrees here. today it's frosty, frosty, frosty. there's a thick layer of frost on everything...even the leftover spiderwebs clinging to the deck chairs. so, so pretty. just waiting for my camera batteries to finish charging so i can head outside for some shots.
elijah is loving his time here. he's become so much more animated in the past few weeks...in his expressions, mannerisms and verbalizations. i love to hear him talk; watching his little face pucker up in concentration while he tries to explain something to me is so amazing and precious to see.
elijah's first time in the snow pictures coming soon. my mom wants to use the computer now.

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Becky Moseley said...

Aw! Aren't Elmo slippers just the best? Little Marty gets so confused when I put his own pair on--not sure whether to wear them or play with them.

How fun to see what I have to look forward to in the months ahead through your adventures!