08 October 2010

flashback friday : leapin' lizards.

my sweet boy. he caught his first lizard this summer. he was SO excited. and i don't blame him! he did it all by himself, with no prompting from me or anyone else. he was just dinking around in the backyard while i prepared dinner...or so i thought. all of sudden, through the sliding screen door, he was yelling at me to "come see! come see my yizard!" (he still can't say his "l" sounds correctly so "lizard" comes out "yizard") i, in proud mama fashion, oooo-ed and ahhhh-ed to great effect. but dinner doesn't assemble itself (unfortunately) so i got him a little plastic container in which to house the lizard and went back to the kitchen. not without snapping these first, though: 


just a few moments after i found myself back in my dinner preparing groove, an unmistakable wail reached my ears. assuming major injury, i scurried to the back door to find my son, waving his now empty hands, sobbing out unrelenting tears. it was a few minutes and many hugs and kisses later before i was able to discern that no part of his body was hurt; he was crying because he'd "yost" his "yizard". oh my. a sadder boy has never been seen. this was heartbreak of the truest sort. as i uncovered the story through my superb investigative skills, i soon discovered that he had made a plan to create a wee house for his new "pet"...and had set the lizard down so he could have both hands with which to dig. apparently, he didn't understand that the plastic container would have housed the lizard much better than the ground and that lizards run away from humans, even after they're caught the first time. my poor boy...lesson definitely learned the hard way.
seeing as i had to get back to dinner, i enlisted the help of john (who had just walked in the door). he came up with an ingenious plan. since lizards typically hang out in the same general locations, he and elijah would just watch out the window for the lizard to come back...then they'd sneak back outside and capture it once and for all. which is exactly what they did...

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