04 April 2014

a day in the life...

these aren't the moments I think to document.
I typically think to grab my camera at the pretty moments. the special moments. the moments that leave me gasping for breath.
like that moonrise over pioneer peak the other morning. the sliver of moon slicing a tiny rend in the inky velvet of the sky.
or when the sunshine fell on my youngest daughter's hair as she quietly read to herself.
or the silliest, laugh-so-hard-you-think-you-might-pee giggle fest I had with my eldest.
those are the moments I try to capture.
not the mundane.
not the everyday.
and especially not the yucky. the mess. the snot. the dirty. the pile of unfolded clothes that have been sitting on the stairs for a week. or more.
definitely not those moments.

so for one day, I tried to do just that.
to preserve the mundane. MY mundane.

this collection of images is nothing spectacular.
some might find them even boring.
I choose to see them as simple.
marvelous in their mundane-ness. (not a word, I know.)

so. take a step into my world. a day in my life.
see my precious moments.
my quiet moments.
my nothing-spectacular moments.
snippets of my simple life.
just as they were.

all pictures taken Wednesday, 2 April 2014. 

1 comment:

Bethany Carlson said...

you have done it.


you made me tear up by seeing the beauty in the mundane.

i cannot choose one favorite image. these are the best images you have ever taken. ever ever ever.

and elijah + sam holding hands is brilliant.

well done, friend.