24 April 2014

traditions and treats.

easter is celebrated in our house with great fanfare.
baskets filled to overflowing with small treats and goodies.
special fancy dress: sweater vests and ties. dresses and cardigans.
eggs that play hide and seek. fluorescent pinks and blues against the brown grass of early alaskan spring.
chocolate abounds in bunny form.
yes. those things.
we are blessed.
but we also stop.
stop and remember.
remember the reason.
the reason we get to celebrate in the chilly sunshine of april.
HE is the reason.
His sacrifice.
the ultimate sacrifice of greatest price.
this year, I had the opportunity to sing in the special easter choir.
and as I sang during the morning's service, "HALLELUJAH!", I couldn't help but smile.
my whole soul smiled.
smiled with relief.
and thankfulness.
sincere gratitude.
I don't have to be good enough.
I don't have to try harder.
I don't have to feel guilty.
I don't have to DO anything.
repentance and acceptance.
Christ the Lord is risen today! Alleluia!
and so I sing.
and I smile.
and I sit in the pale sunshine, baby on my lap, watching my three seek sweets trapped in plastic eggs.
they shout with joy.
my soul shouts with them.

"can we go now, mom? enough with the pictures."

first find.

excitement encased in plastic.

this find gets the booty shake.

"is that all?"

nope! one more!

dividing the plunder.

sweet siblings in the sunshine.

samuel gets spoiled too. just not in chocolate form.

1 comment:

Betty Green said...

What a wonderful and descriptive day, week, month, plus more you share with us.
Absolutely love the pictures of the children in their Easter finery. They are so beautiful/handsome.
Thanks for the share, my ktdid.
Love you all whole bunches.