13 August 2014

can it be true?

it was a few days after the fact.
I realised I hadn't taken a snap of Sam at nine months.
not a huge deal...but still.
a moment I wanted captured.
conveniently, we were out at a local park when I had the thought...so I just plopped Sam in the grass and started snapping away.
Sam wasn't exactly thrilled with a camera in his face and this was all I was getting from him:

smirks and less-than-thrilled expressions.
handsome, yes.
smiling, happy, nine month old? no.

this was as close to a smile as I got:

so I asked his siblings to aid in the cause.
they stood behind me and danced and sang and yelled and jumped up and down over and over again.
but instead of hilarity and smiles, he gave us this:

oh! quite the sad face!
and we laughed at his pout and gave him kisses and tickles and cheered him right up.
but goodness...is there anything cuter?


Laura Kostrikin Palm said...

What a little snuggle! I love his pouty face!!!

Sam said...

Love his sweet face!