07 August 2014

craving home.

it's august!
do you know what that means?
it's time to start thinking about christmas!

no seriously.
i'm only slightly kidding.

if you know me at all, you know that i despise summer.
maybe i don't despise it.
perhaps loathe in a better word.
okay. okay.
there are things i do love about summer.
nectarines and raspberries.
sun-tanned toes.
the way the sunlight slants through the trees on its way to make morning on the other side of the globe.
those things.
i do love those things.

but come august, i am ready to be done.
done with summer.
i want snow and ice and dark nights.
my stores of patience for hot days have been wholly depleted.
my taste for tomatoes has waned.
the nail polish on my toes has long since chipped.
i long for fires in the grate, sweaters and socks.
for twinkle lights and snowflakes.
to bake breads and muffins and cookies without worrying about the heat from the oven.
i start pinning christmas decorations and gift ideas to my pinterest boards.
dreaming of days when the yarn of my knitting projects won't stick to my sweaty palms.

oh winter.
come soon!

in this particular season of life, i am even more desperate for the changing of seasons ceremony.
winter means i will know.
know where we are living.
where my kids will be going to school.
where we will find community and a church body to fellowship with regularly.

i don't mind this not knowing business so much...
not really.
but it is wearing.
there is a part of me that wants to make plans.
to buy season appropriate clothing.
to have my craft stash within reach to actually make the pins i'm pinning.

i'm not sure what the autumn and winter seasons hold for our family.
we're enjoying this adventure while it lasts.
but it will be a reprieve to my soul to finally settle somewhere.
set up shop.
dig down some roots.
have a home.

maybe that's why i'm craving christmas and all those wintery, homey comforts.


Jennifer Marie Land said...

Oh home...that place of deep roots. I pray you find small tastes of it even in the midst of your transient life of late.

Mother of Two said...

You have very beautiful family..:):)

From Malaysia Truly Asia