06 May 2007

and so it begins...

just had to share the latest favorite photo! more on the way in the coming weeks...i'm bogged down with final projects right now. school is almost done! then i get an entire month off!
did someone say scrapbooking? :D

anyways. on a more sour note. it has begun. the season of my discontent. and my ongoing battle with the god of freon. the temperature yesterday? a balmy 97. yup. a big fat ugh on that one. so not even cool (in more ways than one!). and it is currently 88 degrees at 11.30 in the morning. and it's climbing. blah. half of me wants to fill the tub up with cold water and just sit in it until my blood acclimates itself to the water temperature...it'll be like an internal air conditioner. the other half of me really wants to go outside and do something rather than just sitting indoors all day. to take elijah to the park or to go watch the fountains but one glance at the thermometer creeping slowly up to the triple digits and i sit myself back down in front of the computer and work on more school. i guess it's a good thing then, this heat. cuz it keeps me inside...working on school...which i really need to do. but really...grr...

news from the world of elijah: he loves bananas. not that he really had a choice in the matter since both grandfathers eat them like they're going extinct and apparently, despite his lack of appreciation for them now, his father also enjoyed bananas as a little boy. his sister just told me the other day that john ate the canned baby food bananas til he was six years old. maybe that's why he doesn't like the real thing...he only likes the canned kind. :D regardless...elijah has enjoyed every single food we've given him so far...and next week, we get to start two feedings a day. so he'll get to try even more yummy fruits and veggies! thankfully summer is upon us, bringing its bounty of delicious choices in the produce department. farmer's market anyone?

oops. speaking of the little man...he is making it known that he is awake and would like some food now. and maybe a clean diaper too.

until next time...hope you're cooler than i am...

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