22 May 2007

the weekenders

a peek at a weekend at the anaya's...

daddy goes skakeboarding at the local skate park.

thankfully...he didn't hurt himself...too badly. i'm gonna get him a helmet for father's day because really...that's just not cool that he's riding without one.

the wee one watches daddy from the sidelines...go daddy go!

back at the ranch...this is what a typical sunday afternoon/evening looks like on lyman place. bar-be-queing in front of rich and stephanie's house (because they have a bbq)...usually chicken and hamburgers but occasionally some other weird stuff...or hot links will make an apperance.

the newest member of the weekend clan: little chase!
he's 9 weeks old...and little companion for rich and steph's other beagle, sarah and a age appropriate playmate for their little girl, kendall (picture below).

(a side note: this picture is actually a couple weeks old...she's three weeks old now!)

john continues the skateboarding...this time at home...so he can drink his beer at the same time. *sigh*

that's a look at our weekend...

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