03 May 2007

today...i am...

...annoyed. irritated through and through. why? oh...there are so many reasons.

i'm annoyed because my stupid allergies just won't go away. i hate that my throat hurts all the bloody time!

i'm annoyed because my son should be sleeping right now. instead, he's crying in his crib. but when i go in there to check on him, he just looks at me and giggles, as if to say "see? i knew if i kept it up long enough you'd come back". totally annoying.

i'm annoyed because the laundry never ends. and john leaves his filthy dirt biking jacket on the floor of the laundry room for me to deal with.

i'm annoyed because i hate my hair. it was supposed to be wash and wear. it's not. and i can't go get it fixed due to the dwindling state of my bank account. grr. i hate looking like a disheveled mess all the time.

i'm annoyed because john's going to a chamber of commerce meeting tonight instead of hanging out with his family. when was the last time i got to go do something sans baby? way before he was born...

i'm annoyed because my house is filthy and i can only clean a little bit at a time. but when you only clean a little bit at a time, it still feels dirty because most of it still is!

i'm annoyed because i'm completely behind in school and i really don't care to play catch up.

i'm annoyed because i have so many fun, crafty, scrappy ideas floating around in my head but i can't ever do anything with them because the minute i have a moment to myself, the list of more important tasks rears its ugly head and i'm off to go scrub a toilet, chop some vegetables or read about some artist i couldn't care less about.

there's so many more things that are just really bugging me right now...and i know i sound completely selfish and spoiled ranting like this...but i just needed to vent. i thought it might help...but it really didn't. because my throat still hurts, elijah is still crying, the laundry pile is still growing without end and all i want to do is lock myself in my craft room for the rest of the day and not come out for a very very very long time.

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Trena said...

I found your blog via cz's. I can so relate to this post. I have 3 kiddos and it feels like I never have time for fun things like scrapbooking. However, the pep talk I give myself is...this is just one season of my life. Someday these little people won't need me so much and then I'll be scrappin' away and cryin' because they don't need me anymore. :) I try to take LOTS of pictures and I keep a journal for each kids that records random things so that someday when I have time to make a page, I'll have the words behind the pictures. BTW, great pics for your final photo project.