19 January 2010

elijah at the movies.

so. i took elijah to his first movie at the theater last friday. we met some good friends there to see "the princess and the frog". (as an aside, john wasn't thrilled that his son's first cinema experience involved a "girly" movie...but oh well.) on our way to the theater, i explained to elijah what was going to happen and described the big screen and the comfy seats and the concession stand. he did just fine during the show (though he was a bit nervous about the bad guy and his minions), i'm fairly certain his favorite part of the whole ordeal was the candy.

e and ducky getting ready to go inside...

apparently, the best time to go to a movie is on a friday afternoon. there was NO ONE there...we were the only ones in the theater!

the crew (minus me and alyssa): (from l to r) elijah, payton, kim and anna

e and his favorite babysitter, alyssa!

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Karen said...

So cute... we just did the same thing with Colton, and I was SOOOO bummed I forgot my camera!! Great shots! :D