22 January 2010

on this day in history...

i am sure that there are many notable and historical events that happened on 22 january. someone probably discovered this...someone invented that. maybe a celebrity died...or got married. perhaps a nation went to war, or one was founded. i am sure that some significant events have happened on this day. however, though it will never appear in any history books, in wikipedia.com or in any celebrity gossip rag, a life-changing affair took place in stockton, california at four o'clock on a saturday afternoon, 22 january 2005. john and i were married! it hardly seems possible that our wonderful ceremony was five years ago...it seems so many lifetimes ago but also, just yesterday. it was an amazing day, one that i'm excited to celebrate for years and years and years to come.

here's some moments from our day:

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Leah said...

absolutely gorgeous