05 January 2010

i just realized...

...i never did a post about our trip to florida. yes...that was back in october...but oh well! i'm going to blog about it anyway.

john was awarded this trip for his excellent work in 2008. he was in the top 25 loan officers in his company (which is one of the largest in the nation and has hundreds of employees). thankfully, he was given a trip for two, so i got to come along. we decided to have elijah stay with his grandparents, mainly because we would have had to pay extra to bring him along but also because we knew it would be hard to relax with his boundless energy accompanying us. lucy, on the other hand, was barely five months and not yet sleeping through the night (she's STILL not) so we felt she would be too much for john's parents to handle. and while having her along did decrease the amount of relaxation we (or should i say "i"?) were able to participate in, it really wasn't that big of a bother to bring her along. and though she won't remember a single moment of the entire trip, i like to think that she enjoyed herself too.

so...here's a few pictures...mostly of lucy kate...but also of the beautiful area we stayed at: san marco island.

lu's second time in a pool...but the first time that she enjoyed it. she cried when we took her out...

the most AMAZING poolside drink EVER...i forget what they called it but it was basically half strawberry daiquiri and half pina colada. yum. pure yum.

she looks so tiny!

lucy's first dip in the ocean. she didn't love it...and i don't blame her. it was cold!

my favorite thing...room service!

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