12 January 2010

the newest member of my family.

maybe the title of this post gave you pause...maybe it didn't. regardless, an explanation: i've always called my camera my "other" child. and it's no secret to any one that knows me even a little bit that my camera is almost like a third arm. thus, when i say i have a new member of my family, i'm really talking about my new camera.
a little history behind this recent addition: earlier this year, i was not planning on buying a new camera; my little canon 20d had served me well for for the past five years and it was still going strong. however, as the year progressed, i started doing more and more sessions with people other than my family. actual paying clients!...quite a step up in the world. and though my camera still continued to do its job, every once it a while, it would hold me back. so, i started thinking about it...this buying a new camera business. and of course, once the thought had been planted in my brain, it was all i could think about (in relative terms). and then, in the latter part of november, i was handed the ultimate gift: the bride of the wedding i will be shooting in february paid me in full. i had planned on using that money to purchase the camera, and here it was, in my hand, two months earlier than expected. i had already done my research: the canon 5d mark II was the camera for me. and although my husband claims it doesn't look any different than my old canon 20d...they are millenniums apart. i won't go into all the technical blather, suffice it to say: this camera is awesome. i feel like i have barely scratched the surface of its radness (which isn't a word, i know...however, this camera is so incredible, it's allowed to make up its own words). i can't wait to allow it to "stretch its legs" during a few shoots i have lined up and then at the wedding in february. definitely excited about my photographic future with this camera in my hands. now...i just need some new lenses to go with it (i'm only slightly kidding).

here's some of my favorites so far:

the first image taken with my new canon 5d mark II

not the greatest image ever, but considering the fact that it was taken at 1600 iso and there's not even a hint of digital noise, i bow at its awesomeness. want to see a comparison? this next picture was taken with my old camera, the 20d, at 1600 iso, and though i'm glad to have the memory, all i can say is: YUCK!

back to the new camera:

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