26 April 2007

the first fruits.

*a note to my faithful readers: my apologies for the lack of blogs in the past few days. i've been having MAJOR interent issues that slowly seem to be getting resolved. hopefully everything will be up and running smoothly soon.*

elijah had his four month check up on monday, the 23rd. poor baby had to get four shots! so not fun for him or for mama. but not only did he get shots, he also got the ok to start eating solids (and drinking water)! woohoo! right after the doctor's appointment, we went to babies r us and picked up some baby spoons and a sippy cup. we still need to get elijah a high chair but we'll be doing that in the next couple days. we started him off with applesauce...and he wasn't quite sure what to do with it. do i swallow? do i spit it out? he did a little of both. :D he also made some really hilarious faces which, due to my stupid internet issues, i'm still not able to upload. grr. but here are a couple that did make it through...enjoy!

in other big boy news, elijah slept in his crib, in his room for the entire night for the first time last night. i seriously wanted to cry. he seems like such a big boy sleeping all the way down the hall, so far away from mama and daddy. seriously, tears threatened to spill. i just wish he could stay little forever...

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Judy said...

He probably doesn't need a highchair right away. His Bumbo chair will be far more portable and convenient to use for the next few months. (based on my friend Stace's experience)