16 April 2007

pictures galore.

at the request of my mother...here's the latest pictures of little elijah and life at the anaya household. enjoy!

funny face...while we were hanging out in the tent that john set up in the front yard a few weekend's ago...we were pretending we were camping...ha! and got some strange looks from passers-by...

the boys. apparently lying like that is hard on the stomach muscles...according to john.

yeah! check me out in my new jumperoo! good times...

my new favorite toy...no...not the wormie...my toes!

momma and baby hanging out on the floor. (yes, i know it's totally blurry. somehow my camera got set to manual focus...but that's ok...it's still cute and it totally looks like elijah's waving!)

hanging out with auntie on easter

this is how califorians do cold. seriously, momma just wasn't prepared for the chilliness on this walk, so we improvized.

baby sleeping so nicely while momma got her hair cut.

the dapper dudes. john's covering up the little argile sweater vest elijah's got on...super cute!

the happy family! note: this is a terrible picture of my hair! better ones to come soon.

dancing with daddy and grandpa at jackie's birthday party

jackie looking nervous, almost ready for her grand entrance

pictures with cousin! (and niece too i guess)

cutting the cake...yum! strawberry filling!

that's all for now...baby's sitting on my lap and is making typing extremely difficult. :D

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ace said...

WOW!! This was a BIRTHDAY party? Looks more like a Cinderella wedding to me. Nothing like doin' it up right!