28 April 2007


someone recently asked me via email what inspires me. i thought i'd post a bit of my answer...just because i feel like it. :D

where do i find inspiration?

in the eyes of my baby boy.
in my husbands kisses and the way he still hold my hand when we walk together.
in the sunsets...even though it's the smog that makes them pretty.
in beautiful scrapbooking paper. not just beautiful patterns and colors but texture too.
in my classmates photographs.
in random blogs i read and enjoy.
in hearing my mother's voice everyday.
in music and its endless variations.
in snow capped mountains and crisp mountain air. (what i wouldn't do for some of that right now!)
in my sister-in-law, erin, and her endless creative soul.
in the blank pages of my journal.
in the esquisite poetry of the psalms.

however there are some things that do not inspire me...such as:

90 degree temps. ugh.
final projects. gag.
an unorganized scrap desk. i can't find anything!
dinner that doesn't cook itself. wouldn't that be simply blissful?

and most of all...babies that wake up from their naps before they're supposed to...*sigh* (ha!)

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