20 September 2007

58 degrees.

today, it is cold.
ok...let me rephrase that for all my alaskan readers.
today, it is california cold.

i am wearing uggs.
and a long-sleeved t-shirt.
and jeans.


bought some fall/winter clothes for elijah at old navy this week. had to share some because they are just STINKIN' cute. he is going to be one stylin' little dude.

this will keep him warm on walks and while playing at the park.
he actually keeps this hat on his head (he already wore it last night on our walk). we haven't tried the mittens yet though...not sure how those are gonna go over...
these pants go with everything and are amazingly soft.

we also got him another hat that also stays on his head...surprisingly (elijah's not a big fan of hats in general) but i couldn't find a picture of it.

also ordered some stuff online. it's supposed to be here today. can't wait because poor california baby only has one long-sleeved shirt and it is currently waiting to be washed. i put him in a polo-esque one-piece this morning, thinking, "oh great! this'll keep him warm" only to find that the legs are way too short. it looks like he's wearing knickers. seriously. john thought he'd remedy the situation by pulling elijah's socks all the way up his legs...quite the look i'm tellin' ya. good thing we aren't going anywhere today. :D

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pete said...

Hey, I never look at this one, just your facebook.