09 September 2007

i feel fall...

fall is drawing blissfully closer. the mornings are crisp and cool with a beautiful breeze. the bite to the air inspires large mugs of steaming coffee, fuzzy slippers and zipped up sweaters. i have started wearing socks again and sleeping with the comforter on the bed. granted...these fresh mornings with fall-like weather only last until about eleven o'clock...then the sweaters are folded back into their drawer, the slippers and/or socks are removed and replaced with flip-flops and the coffee mugs are washed and put away, in anticipation of the next mornings steam fest. ahh...it is literally blissful...and hope inspiring. i can feel fall in the air in the mornings and i am encouraged as i look forward to the coming seasons and the joys they bring.

come autumn, come.
bring us your bounty.
we are ready!
well...at least i am. :D

i just finished reading "the other boleyn girl" last night. interesting. not sure if i'd recommend it or not. i literally was a little over halfway through it (it's a 600 pager) and almost put it away, i was that annoyed with it. but i read the last chapter and saw that the annoying character got her due and decided to forge on and finish the darn thing. just in case you're not familiar with this particular book, it's a fictional account of the royal events of 15th century england. queen katherine (wife to king henry, not sure which one) was usurped by anne boleyn, a member of her court. queen katherine was placed in exile after the king proclaimed himself equal to the pope so that he could marry anne. anyways...long story short...this event happened over the course of many years and involved selfish plotting, immoral actions and various purposeful deaths. in the end, anne received her due; she was beheaded in front of the whole of london...but still. what a story. obviously, it is historical fiction...but the facts remain clear. i enjoyed reading the book just for the fact that i now know a bit more about english history (something that has always interested me) but the sheer immorality and selfish ambition of the story really put me off. very different times...truly...but at the same time, not that much different than the immorality and selfish ambition that we put up with today. really...it saddened me as i thought about it. so yeah...an interesting read to be certain.

couldn't have a post without a picture of the little man. love this sweet little face...precious.

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