08 September 2007

the walking machine...

1. look out momma...here i come!, 2. laugh, 3. hey..., 4. giving a speech, 5. heehee...i got the ball!, 6. i dunno how i got food all over my face mom..., 7. driving the truck, 8. hand on head, 9. my latest morning tradition, 10. this face just makes me laugh, 11. hmmm...i wonder if i can reach it?, 12. those eyes get me everytime, 13. trouble is my middle name

no...elijah is not walking yet...but he's getting pretty darn close. he cruises all over the house with his little walker (the picture in the middle of the mosaic above) and is getting a lot more confident with his ability to stand. so...it won't be long now. *sigh* life will be over as we know it.

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