19 September 2007


1. hey! i want out! anyone? heeelllooo?, 2. hanging out, 3. watching daddy skate, 4. fun times in momma's closet, 5. huck finn or bubba from the trailer park? you decide, 6. dirty faces are my favorite, 7. just chillin', 8. yum...those eyes., 9. beautiful boy, 10. hey mom...what's up?, 11. just cruisin' along, 12. i'm coming momma! look out!, 13. just relaxing in front of grandma's ridiculous tv

things that are on my mind this morning...

  • clouds in the sky this morning
  • wearing socks and sweaters again
  • elijah's sweet smile
  • eating too much chili and getting a stomachache
  • playing hide and seek with elijah
  • finding comfort in my husband's arms
  • finishing 2 layouts and elijah's alaska trip album yesterday
  • not having to cook two nights in a row
  • shopping at old navy for fall clothes
  • remembering that making friends takes time
  • finding inspiration in christmas catalogs
  • discovering more uses for baking soda and vinegar

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