04 September 2007

it feels like monday...

...but thankfully it's not monday. it's tuesday. yay. makes me feel hopeful for some reason.

hope everyone's labor day was good...we had a relaxed weekend at home. lots of bar-be-que-ing...just hanging out.

lots of pictures to share. good times over the past few days. enjoy!

1. sick boy..., 2. our daily mess, 3. naked baby, 4. highchair fun, 5. messy messy, 6. in dad's office, waving, 7. the library, 8. come play momma!, 9. hmmm...i wonder if i can reach it?, 10. those eyes get me everytime, 11. trouble is my middle name, 12. hanging out in the backpack, 13. elijah!

1. hey! don't touch me!, 2. i'm outta here!, 3. hugs with daddy..., 4. why is she in here with me?, 5. balloons over our heads, 6. celestial beings, 7. we call him rocketman, 8. driving., 9. he loves the skateboard..., 10. giggling the entire time..., 11. tonka trucks are fun too..., 12. coffee in the morning light, 13. crocs. love 'em. can't get enough of them.

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