12 September 2007

just the latest...

life with elijah has settled down into a pretty predictable routine...and i like it that way. i find that i finally have time to do the things (well, some of the things) that i need to do to keep myself from going completely insane...and some days i even have time to clean the house! amazing...

here's what a typical day looks like for us:

7am-elijah's wake up call...this is what i hear over the monitor...well, my interpretation of it anyways: MOM! I'M HUNGRY! then...HEY DAD! WAKE UP AND PLAY WITH ME!
8am-breakfast with mom and dad
9am-john leaves for work...baby gets to play while momma cleans up the kitchen
10am-naptime for elijah
12pm-lunch time
1pm to 3pm-if there are any errands to be run, this is when they get done...like today, we're going to the library
3pm-again it's naptime (although he has been fighting me on this one. not sure if i should make it earlier, later or skip it altogether. don't think he's quite ready for one nap a day though...)
5pm-the witching hour. seriously. if elijah watches any tv...this is the time he watches it. he's just very cling-y and well...kind of a piss pot...pardon the french. so...sometimes he gets put in the backpack and just "hangs out" on momma's back while she cooks dinner (weird to be referring to myself in the third person...)
6pm-dinner for baby. if john is home, then we eat dinner too.
7pm-play time before bath.

i'm liking the normalcy of this. it helps me out a lot. it also helps that elijah sleeps for at least an hour during his naptimes on most days. it's usually more...which is fabulous.

1. bye bye!, 2. playing with cousin..., 3. my sweetness, 4. hey dad!

monday night we had a picnic in the park. the park is just a ten minute walk from our house, so i packed up some sandwiches and away we went. it was elijah's first picnic...and he loved it. i'm not sure that he ate very much...but he certainly had a wonderful time crawling around in the grass and playing with his cousin, miggie (short for miguel). it's so awesome to see how much fun he has with miggie...his face just lights up when he sees him. love that. it was also interesting to watch elijah explore while we were at the park. he had no fear of being away from the picnic area...he just started crawling and didn't look back (i think the lack of other people around helped). and then, when he finally did look back at us, he just waved and kept right on going. so funny. so great to see his independent side (which i'm sure i'll curse later...but for now...it's cute.)

can't believe my little man is going to be nine months old on sunday. crazycrazycrazy.

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