25 September 2007

thoughts and thinking.

got a lot of stuff on my mind today. just thought i'd start typing and let it all out.

what should e be for halloween? i'm actually feeling kinda pressured about this one...it's his first halloween...i feel like i've got a standard to meet. i want something unique...and fun...and cheap...that doesn't require e to wear anything on his head because i'm not sure it would stay there for any significant length of time. i'm almost tempted to just get him some cute halloween jammies and call it good. it's not like i even like halloween...and i don't think we're even going anywhere...hmmm.

really liking johnny cash these days. do NOT know why. kind of a crazy music phase. had no idea he sang "boy named sue". my dad always used to sing that song...weird.

made a pot roast for the first time in my life last night. it was actually good. surprisingly. i didn't use a recipe so i can't post it here...i just called my mom and asked her how to do it. she's like a talking cookbook. way better than a regular cookbook because i can ask my mom questions...regular cookbooks don't answer back if you ask them anything. frustrating. i also made bread last night. i know. crazy. i guess i was feeling a bit domestic. it was fun. i think the fall-esque weather brings it out in me.

figured out what i'm going to be making for christmas gifts this year and i'm super excited about it. nothing edible this year...thankfully. now i just need to get the supplies together...and get started. i figure if i start now...i'll have everything done by december. one can hope right?

should be working on photos right now. i have a ton to catch up on. a little bit intimidating. but i suppose i just need to get started...

going to the grocery store later on today. i know it's weird...but i love grocery shopping. i just wish we had a whole foods or something similar to it here. it's super frustrating wanting to eat all organic foods but not being able to find very much. especially HERE of all places. grr.

trying to decide if i should go get some pumpkins this weekend. will they last all the way til thanksgiving if i do? dilemma (that totally looks like it's spelled wrong).

thinking about elijah's first year album. i have a great idea for it...just need to get the supplies. i want to have it done for his birthday party...we'll see. i have so many projects going on right now...

just got a travel scrapbooking kit in the mail in the mail yesterday. i bought it to use for our hawaii trip in january...but i'd love to use it now. it's great. it comes in a tin so you can put it in your suitcase and take it along with you on your trip. ingenious. you can buy your own here.

bought some beautiful yarn at michael's yesterday. can't wait to get it on some needles or a hook and get my fingers in it. thinking about scarves and mittens and socks and felted slippers. yum.

i should probably get going. i've got a grocery list to make...and photos to work on...and halloween costumes to browse...and patterns to peruse...all while listening to johnny cash. good times.

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Nicole said...

For my first Halloween, my mom and dad cut a hole in the bottom of one of those plastic Halloween pumpkins and stuck me in it wearing a white top, white tights, and a hat my mom knitted that looked like the top of a pumpkin. I know you said no hats, but it was a pretty cheap idea.