24 August 2007


taken the sunday before elijah and i left for alaska.
we're at a park a couple blocks from our house. the park has a water fountain that elijah loves to watch (the water and the kids playing in the water). so we thought he'd like playing in the water too. well...he liked walking through the shooting spires of water with me holding him but he didn't so much like being squirted in the face with the water. this was taken a couple minutes after such an occasion. he wasn't so happy about life right then...poor baby.

might go see jeremy camp tonight. not sure if i want to though. i've seen him before and while he puts on a good show...i don't really feel like leaving elijah. plus i did not get a good night's sleep last night (elijah was up three times between 8pm and 1am...and then up for the day at 6am. grr.) so i know i'm gonna want to crash early. so yeah...hmmm. to go or not to go...that is the question.

got a massage yesterday...utterly sore. it feels so good...but hurts too. it's a good kind of sore though. doesn't make picking elijah up any easier however...

just got some bad news about school. turns out i didn't get the financial aid i thought i was going to...so...no go on the school-e-o. i suppose that's better though. this way i won't be stretched to my limit...and that is definitely a good thing. kinda bummed i won't get to take "book art" (a class on how to make books), "calligraphy and letterform", "creative writing" and "design and concepts" (turning ideas into photographs). a good lineup of classes and despite the workload, i was really looking forward to the knowledge that i would have gained. oh well...maybe someday...

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Nicole said...

Did you get enough aid to take a single class? That might not be so bad. Hopefully you will get a little more aid next year so you can finish up.