14 August 2007

daily something.

taken in truckee...outside our hotel. 11 august 2007

for those of you in the scrapbooking world...you're probably familiar with the scrapbooker/life artist (her concept) ali edwards. she is and has been a major inspiration for me creatively over the past few years. anyways...i've been trying to think of a way to incorporate creativity into my daily life...because i believe it is a necessity for me and the sanity of my soul. and i think i've found my solution. ali has come up with the idea (though i'm sure she's not the first and only) to create something everyday. to tell a story about life...everyday. i've decided to take that concept and use it...to make it my own. in an attempt to learn contentment (a daily struggle of mine)...i'm going to create something...a layout, a post-it note, whatever...of something i'm thankful for every day. obvious things include my husband, my son, my salvation, my life. but i also want to include less obvious things like crisp breezes, tanned toes and jane austen. so not only will it be a lesson in creativity to made said "something" but also to think of things i'm thankful for. a good plan i think. of course...it will be hard to find time to make something everyday...but i'm not going for masterpiece quality here. just a simple documentation of life and thankfulness. hopefully, once everything gets rolling i'll be able to share some of the outcome here. our scanner is being poopy though and doesn't want to work with my mac. anyone know why? hopefully we'll be able to resolve that issue soon. in the meantime...i'm off to create today's something while my little man finishes his nap...

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Judy said...

Hiya Kayti! A lot of people on Flickr are doing something called 365, where you post a picture every day. It started out as people doing 365 self portraits, but I and other people I know are just doing daily life stuff, sometimes featuring our own images, sometimes not.

Also, you might enjoy this blog: http://threebeautifulthings.blogspot.com/ Every day she posts three things that make her happy. It's pretty awesome.