28 August 2007


sighing. i've been doing that a lot in the past few days. namely because i don't know what else to do. elijah has been sick since sunday morning. he has a fairly high fever and other than not really being himself, no other symptoms. we spent four hours in the clinic yesterday which was a frustrating and harrowing experience for all involved. since the doctor (who was a very large, very dark black man that scared elijah just by being in the same room with us) couldn't find anything wrong, no ear infection, no flu, etc, elijah had to have blood drawn. *sigh* drawing blood from an eight month old is NOT a fun experience. especially since the nurses couldn't find a vein. poor baby looks like he's got track marks on his arms. *sigh* harrowing? yes. very. the doctor also wanted a urine sample to test for a bladder infection. thankfully that didn't involve anymore needles, however, since elijah has been sick for so long, he didn't (and still doesn't) have much urine in him. *sigh* frustrating? yes. so...instead of waiting around for him to pee, we took a bunch of urine sample bags home. since the doctor told me that all he needed was a couple drops, i collected the "couple drops" and drove the half an hour drive back to the doctor's office this morning. unfortunately, once we got there, i was informed that a couple drops wasn't nearly enough to run the tests; they needed a full bag. *sigh* frustrating? yes again. since we were a half hour drive away from home, i just decided to hang out, run a couple errands that didn't really need to be run and plug elijah full of water. thankfully it only took a couple hours to get the sample. however. we won't get the results for another 24 hours. meanwhile, my poor baby languishes with a temperature of 103. seriously. *sigh*

but. i promised a weekend update and pictures. and i will deliver. so here ya go. a list of things i loved about our weekend. in no particular order. and pictures. again. in no particular order.

at the crusade. see number 5. john looks like the sixth member of the katinas in this picture.

jeremy camp

elijah on daddy's back

elijah on mommy's back

my little ghetto gangsta...before he got sick.

1. even though it was generally warmer than i prefer, there was a constant cool breeze and it was cool enough to sleep with the windows open.

2. we got to go to the REI labor day sale (significant because we don't have an REI anywhere close to us...the closest one is an hour and a half away). i got a fabulous green northface zip-up for $30! and it has monkey sleeves! woot!

3. we got a baby backpack to tote elijah around in and not only is it uber comfortable, elijah LOVES it.

4. we had homemade tortillas for breakfast on sunday. yum.

5. we got to go to the greg laurie harvest crusade as vips...see the katinas and jeremy camp, witness thousands go forward to receive Christ AND we got to worship the Lord together. powerful stuff. good for the soul.

6. we got to eat sushi.

7. i got to read all sunday afternoon (jan karon's mitford series) while sick elijah slept next to me.

8. the moon was out and beautiful...and there were clouds in the sky at sunset (very rare for this part of california in the summertime)

9. john brought me taco truck tacos and we had authentic british pubhouse ale to drink.

10. i got to talk to BOTH of my brothers. on the same day no less.

11. i wore my hair in the tiny-est, spikey-est pigtails ever. and they were cute. (at least i thought so...)

12. i got to have popcorn for dinner...twice! (scary how many of these "good things" revolve around food...hmmm...)

the only bad thing about the weekend besides the fact it wasn't long enough:

13. elijah had (still has) a fever. poor baby. he's miserable.

not sure if this has anything to do with the fever but another wonderful thing happened this weekend:

14. elijah slept from 9pm to 6am saturday night. sheer bliss. (and now that he's been sick a couple days and HASN'T slept through the night since getting sick, i'm pretty sure his sleeping through the night didn't have anything to do with his sickness...at least i'm hoping so.)

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