15 August 2007

i am thankful for...

...brothers and ninilchick.
odd and unrelated?
i assure you.
they're not.
(actually, the brothers are a bit odd...but i digress)
why am i thankful for these seemingly unrelated things?
primarily because i have many wonderful memories of time in ninilchick
with my brothers.

one of those times was just recently...on my last trip back home.
we didn't get to spend nearly enough time there...
but the brief hour that we spent on the beach brought back so many wonderful summer memories...
i only hope elijah gets to experience the joys of the ninilchick beach someday.
(well...i guess since he was present the last time we were there, he's technically already experienced it. however, it'd be nice if he can go back when he can actually play on the beach and remember it.)

it was a drizzily day...but beautiful nonetheless.

the elder.

the younger.

are you shocked and amazed that there are no pictures of elijah in this post? i am. :D

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