18 August 2007

ahhh...saturday morning with a napping baby. bliss.

my mom's going to kill me for posting this picture...but since dad had a turn already...it's only fair. sorry mom. :D well...the photos are finished. seriously...time consuming yes, but i'm so happy with the results. here's a sampling for your viewing pleasure.

1. _MG_4644.jpg, 2. _MG_4636.jpg, 3. _MG_4631.jpg, 4. _MG_4627.jpg, 5. _MG_4612.jpg, 6. _MG_4610.jpg, 7. _MG_4605.jpg, 8. _MG_4602.jpg, 9. _MG_4593.jpg, 10. _MG_4590.jpg, 11. _MG_4586.jpg, 12. _MG_4584.jpg, 13. _MG_4580.jpg, 14. _MG_4568.jpg, 15. _MG_4566.jpg, 16. _MG_4554.jpg, 17. _MG_4545.jpg, 18. _MG_4539.jpg, 19. _MG_4509.jpg, 20. _MG_4490.jpg, 21. _MG_4489.jpg, 22. _MG_4485.jpg, 23. _MG_4477.jpg, 24. _MG_4468.jpg, 25. _MG_4465.jpg

to view the first 200 photos (which i uploaded in reverse order so consequently, it's actually the last 200 photos) of my trip, please visit my flickr site. i've exceeded my limit for this month for the free site and since i'm too cheap to upgrade to the "pro" site, 200 is all you get for now.

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