13 August 2007


no...not "missing in action"..."missing in alaska"!

to my faithful blog readers...my humblest apologies for the lack of "action" on the blog for the last couple weeks. elijah and i just got back from a wonderful ten days in alaska, visiting grandma and grandpa. we also spend a few days in tahoe before coming home; john had some work training up there so we decided to join him. it was a great two weeks.

now we're back at home...and things are slowly starting to get back to normal. i'm still in the midst of unpacking...but at least i made it to the grocery store this morning. one chore down...a million more to go.

speaking of a million...that's about how many pictures i have to edit from our trip(s). so. i've made it a goal...starting today...to post one new picture each day. that way i'm making myself get the editing done. or at least some of it. ha! so...here's today's picture...and a little antidote about the trip...

this picture was taken by the lovely and very talented erin tegeler (my sister-in-law). we were hanging out at my uncle dan and aunt jaime's house. this was elijah's first time on the swings and as you can see by the expression on his face...he throughly enjoyed himself.

more to come...must finish unpacking. in the meantime...watch "the holiday". despite the immorality, it's a great little flick.

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