21 August 2007

i'm trying to be positive here...

elijah enjoying his eggs a couple mornings ago...

i subscribe to several magazines. martha stewart living, creating keepsakes, simple scrapbooks, everyday food, to name a few. a borderline addiction really. anyways. september's issues have been coming in for the past few weeks. each cover has happy people dressed in expensive sweaters, with color palettes carefully chosen from autumn inspiration. i sweat just looking at them. however, they do provide me with a scrap of hope as i watch the mercury steadily make its daily trek up into the triple digits. because finally i have tangible proof that this heat cannot last forever however oppressive and unending it may seem. those magazine covers have given me another reason to be thankful. thankful that summer doesn't last forever. thankful for the good things summer does bring. thankful that life is not like a reverse narnia where it's always summer and never christmas. since i began consciously trying to find contentment in this place God has placed me, i've been making a list of things that i actually DO like about the summer months. and now, with summer's end drawing blissfully nearer, i thought it'd be fun to post my list here. feel free to add any of your favorites to the comments section. i'm planning to do a layout based on this list and i'd love a couple more things to add...

things i love about summer...in no particular order...

fresh cut grass and the way it smells/feels/looks
cool evening breezes
fresh produce in its abundance
sleeping with the windows open
cute sandals
lazy days
trips to alaska
suntanned toes (especially elijah's!)
playing in the water park
the farmer's market
backyard bar-b-ques

that's all i've got so far...but it seems pretty comprehensive. looking forward to finding pictures to complete the layout. i'll be sure to post it on here as soon as i finish it (and as soon as the darn scanner gets fixed...grr.). so...i'll leave you here for the day. i've got a ton more pictures to share...coming soon!

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